Ranking more than 100 objects

Hi guys,

I’m trying to order a database first by a column with values of A/B/C/D (ascending) and then another with values of numbers (descending). When they’re ordered a column called Ranking will give them their corresponding ranking. My problem is I have more than 100 objects, I know how to take out more than 100 objects, but in the Codeless blocks the order by option comes within Load Table objects, which means it can only order 100 objects at a time and then add all to a list. But this way it’s not correct because it’s not really ordering all the objects at once. How can I solve this? Thanks!


Hi @Louis_Cadier,

While Backendless returns 100 objects at a time, the data is ordered. I see you’re using an offset value to loop through the result, so you should be getting all the data as you expect. If you do not, please let us know.


Thanks @mark-piller! Good to know that. It seems like my problem is more of a matter of the order of several events being triggered before the ordering, which I’m having an error and I have another post about it. Thanks!