Raw html section

Hi Team,

“ADD RAW CODELESS” feature. Sits in both front-end and back-end areas.
There doesn’t seem to be much documentation on this feature.
I’ve attempted on the front-end to paste in some javascript from the “code” link. The error returns “inserted RAW codeless has no valid blocks”:

Many thanks

Hi @andrew_gunby,

Before I respond to this topic I have to make it public. Private topics are reserved for customers with paid support. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of the policy.



This block only accepts RAW Codeless. What this means: you can copy the added Codeless logic from one application (or any other service/method, etc.) and paste it directly into the RAW Codeless popup:

If you need to add JS code, use the custom code block. It can be found in the Advanced category: