RE: Offline data sync update

Hello Nikita,

Does offline functionality work with UI Builder and Codeless Logic?

Is Backendless a good fit for an invoicing type application?

The Backendless database seems more like a relational database than a nosql database.

I watched a video that used a text field to perform a city lookup that populated a corresponding city drop down. Is there a single control that can perform the same operation?

I’ve learn a good deal about flutter development. However, my primary goal is to get an application up and running, not become a professional flutter developer.

Where is Backendless located?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, @Chuck_H.

This is not supported at this time.

The autocomplete component may be fine for you.

Do you mean geographically?
We have 2 data centers: European - France, and USA - Dallas, Texas.

Could you describe in more detail what exactly you mean?

Best Regards, Nikita.

@Chuck_H , a couple of corrections for the previous post:

Codeless logic in UI Builder provides support for working with Local Storage. This can be used to obtain offline support in your application:

Please take a look at the CRM app blueprint, it includes the invoicing capability.