(Re-)using tooltips in onClick handler

I like the tooltip feature in UI-Builder. I’m using it heavily as a means of documenting what my app can do.

The downside is, that tooltips cannot be used on touch screens. There is no way to “hover” over an icon without touching it. I know, doing a long lasting touch on a screen brings up the tooltip, but nobody knows this and it’s not a reliable method.

Therefore, on mobile, I’m introducing info-buttons at some sensible locations, which, when pressed, bring up a popup with information texts. It would be optimal if I can reuse somehow the built-in tooltip feature and bring up the tooltip when clicking on a UI element. Is there a way to do this within an on-click handler. Maybe with custom code?

I know I can buid my own popups, or use an external library. But somehow I feel with tooltips there is a nice feature available already. I just want to bring it up by on-click in addition to on-mouse-over.


Hello @Klaas_Klever

Thank you for your suggestion.
I have created internal ticket BKNDLSS-27623.
We will consider this option.


Hello @Klaas_Klever

We have added a new handler for components named - Tooltip Visibility Logic.
If the component(button/icon/block) has this handler - tooltip visibility is no more controlled by hover/touch user events, but controlled by the value returned from this handler.

If not - we have an old behavior.

Default use-case: we have a button and block with a tooltip. Tooltip Visibility is getting value from the 'tooltipShouldBeVisible" property from Page Data, and the button binds true to this property when clicked.