Reading from a view with alias

In a logic section of UI Builder, I’m reading a set of properties from a view. For one property I want to use an alias by using ‘AS’ as known from an SQL Select.
My Load Table Objects Block looks like:

So, I want to read the property sharedObjectId and rename it to objectId.
This is not working however. Neither sharedObjectId nor objectId is in the result set.

Is there any way to achieve this behavior?


How about using an alias in the view itself?

The view is read by different consumers with different naming conventions. What I’m currently doing is to add the field objectId to the view by an existing relation although it is redundant.
So, let me pose my question in the more general context of reading from tables in general. Is there a way to achieve such an “AS” transformation?

This is how it is supposed to work. The “objectId” name/column is special and the system may not like it when you use it as an alias. Have you tried other alias names to see if it works?

Hi @mark-piller ,
Other alias names work fine. I have a workaround for now but maybe it is possible to enable the alias “objectId” as well?


Hello @Klaas_Klever ,

It’s not possible, because it can cause unexpected issues. Please use the different alias.