Real Time Logging Error

APP ID: D3828E7D-B42E-B69F-FFFC-EFE55E612400

Hi there, the real time logging hasn’t been working for my app for a while now, it always displays this error:
I’ve tried to log out and refresh the browser but the error remains. Please help me to solve it cuz I need to check some issue with my codes but without logging it’s difficult. Thanks!

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Hello @Louis_Cadier

Sorry for the delay with the response!
I just checked and it works well for me in your app, do you still see the error?

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vlad,
yes, the error is still there:(

could you please check if there are any errors in the browser’s dev console?

The error says

Hello @Junwei_Fang

Seems like the problem comes from your client, please take a look at this article