Real-time logs not showing up anymore

Backendless Version (3.x / 6.x, Online / Managed / Pro )

Online Pro

Client SDK (REST / Android / Objective-C / Swift / JS )


Application ID


Expected Behavior

Realtime logs should show up when my timers run

Actual Behavior

Recently I stopped seeing any realtime logs in our app. Regardless of whether I set it to DEBUG or ALL, there are no logs that show up.

Reproducible Test Case

Hello @Christopher_Manzi!

We are trying to figure out what may be causing this issue, and we would appreciate any additional information you can give us that you think would be helpful.


I cannot reproduce this issue. Do you still have it or is everything ok?


Not much else I can provide other than there are no logs showing up.

Hi Christopher,

Could there be something on your machine/network that blocks the connection to our real-time server? I just tried getting logs in your app and was able to see the RT logging traffic:


Well, they just started showing up again! So whatever was going on seems to have fixed itself. Not sure what changed, I didnt even close/reopen my browser.