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Real time messaging one to one chat with REST APIs


New to backendless so this may be a stupid question. I have tried searching Backendless forum but did not find anything relevent.

Is it possible to create a real time messaging one to one chat application with REST APIs or using an SDK is necessary? I am using Appgyver as the frontend.

Request you to please guide on this. Basically looking for two answers:

  1. is this feasible?
  2. if yes, can you please share high level approach for the same?


Hello @Ankit_Gupta,

it is not possible to have real time chat with HTTP REST API, because it supposes that you should ask the server about messages with some interval, so it will not be real time.

If it is possible to use socket io library in Appgyver then it will be possible to connect to Backendless Real Time feature

Hi @sergey.kuk : Appgyver has websockets. Would that work? Could you please share the approach or point me to some documentation? Thanks.

It would require additional work to serve the sockets. Roughly speaking you need to implement your own RT Client (what we’ve done in our SDK). So I dont think this is a case for you.

Hi @Maksym_Khobotin2, I have the same problem as the above. Is it possible to implement a custom RT Client using websockets?

@Juan_Giraldo , it is possible in theory. You could study the source code of our sdk to understand how it works.