Really slow first load on a basic splash screen

H Support.

I have a web app which was super slow to load the home screen so I added a very lightweight splash screen to improve load time. I get 11seconds time to interactive on mobile which is obviously losing potential customers.



appID is 8E327DC0-523A-317B-FF34-44261B4F7F00.

Please advise, thanks

Hi Steve,

Are you testing a page in the preview mode or the published UI Builder app?


hi Mark.


Thank you. We will definitely be looking into it. Is the app published into the /web directory?


Hi, @steve_bradford.

  1. Are you running the application through the Backendless Viewer or is it already packaged in a native shell and is currently in the appstore\google play\test flight?
  2. Does it load quickly NOT on a mobile device?

Best Regards, Nikita.

Hi @steve_bradford

Thank you for sharing the report with us, I’ve created a ticket BKNDLSS-31090 to investigate the performance.

I can see many external requests to some 3rd party libs CSS/JS, but I do not see them on the Settings => Libraries screen, how do you import them?


Hi,its a web app only (and mobile optimised web layout) - no ios or android. its accessed direct through URL

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The web app is essentially your booking app template (backendless) with no external plugins or libraries