Really struggling migrating from Parse with Backendless documentation

Hello World,
I’m trying to setup the iOS SDK into my existing objective C/Swift
project but I’m getting the following errors
symbols for architecture x86_64:

“_SCNetworkReachabilityCreateWithAddress”, referenced from:
reachabilityWithAddress:] in backendless.a(BEReachability.o)

“_SCNetworkReachabilityCreateWithName”, referenced from:

+[BEReachability reachabilityWithHostName:] in

The projects uses a existing a bridging header but the
documentation seem to point this to another one

Has anyone got any ideas?
Many Thanks

Hi Jason,

If you already have your Bridging-Header.h, you should simply add there the line:
#import “Backendless.h”
If you plan to use Backendless MediaService - add also

#import “MediaService.h”

Check also if you added “$(PROJECT_DIR)/lib” marked as recursive in Build Settings -> Search Paths -> Library Search Paths (see

I created the template project, you can try it and compare with the settings of your project


Hi Slava,

Thank you very much for reply, i think i had a problem with my library search path, but it now sorted