Realtime connection limit

This is the number of concurrent real-time connections with the backend all instances of your app can have.

What does this mean?
If the free plan has only 100 connection limit, then we can only have 100 devices connected at the same time? What if there is more device trying to connect?

This is intriguing limit.
Need more explanation.

Hello @KamiMart_KamiMart

Yes, the limit means that only 100 devices(connections) can be connected at the same time.
If the limit is reached all the new connections will be rejected.

You can upgrade your plan to CLOUD 9 where the limit is 100000 connections.

Regards, Vlad

That’s very, very few compared to Firebase/Parse, specifically when compared on database concurrent connection aspect. Cloud Firestore can even handle 1M simultaneous connection, if I am not mistaken.

Even on the cloud9/cloud99 plan, the limit on realtime connections is still not on par with them.

By the way, need clarification again on this.
Does the limit of realtime connection imposed on how many devices that subscribed to the socket/real time connection?
Or does the limit imposed on how many devices can perform operations on database (CRUD) at the same time?

for RealTime we have two limits:

  1. count of connections at the same time - I wrote you above, one device = one connection

  2. count of listeners per real-time connection - this is a limit of listeners which are allowed for each connection. for instance, on CLOUD 9 plan there might be up to 30 listeners (any subscriptions for DATA or Messaging) from one device, so totally you can have up to 100,000 x 30 = 3,000,000 subscriptions at the same time


this is what firebase has - 100 connections on the free plan. However, there are so many other differences between the platform that comparing it the way you do is not apples-to-apples:

For a complete comparison with Firebase, see this: