Received an email saying deployment size - limit exceeded, however we have not made change to our cloud code recently

Application ID: 637EAF50-C824-4368-FF6E-9C88F79A4600


We have received an email saying that our instance will stop working in 48 hours because we have exceeded to cloud code sizer limit. However, we have not published any code in about 2 months. How is the cloud code deployment size determined? Is it possible for the deployment size to change on it’s own? Has the size limit changed?

On my local system, ignoring the backendless coderunner, our entire deployment, including node_modules is only 14 MB.

Hi @Luke_Jasudavicius ,

Sorry for inconvenience.
This situation is caused by changes to logic which calculates files size in applications. Previously there was mismatch between real file system frame size (which is 8KB) and that which was used in the code for file size calculation (1 KB). Our last release fixed this mismatch.

It means that all files smaller than 8KB are now counted as 8KB files. node_modules directory possibly contains a lot of small files with size less than 8KB. On your PC frame size can be 4KB or less. Due to this locally size of a directory 14MB.

Unfortunately the only way out for you is to optimize your dependencies or buy function pack wich will increase deployment model size.

Regards, Andriy