Received push notifications make sound even if phone is in silent mode


I am compiling SDK 5.2.1 and facing an issue with the push notifications’ sound.

In fact, the notification plays the default sound even if Android is on vibrate or silent mode.


Hello Ralph,

What API lvl (Android OS version) your device runs on?


Hello Olga!

My phone is running on version 8.0.0

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Ralph!

Since API lvl 26 Android have introduced Notification channels. Here is more detailed information regarding notifications channels -

It’s main feature is that notification priority once set - can’t be changed any more. So the scenario you’ve described looks like in your Channels option you’ve set MAX priority and sent the notification. After that your notification channel applied the priority and it won’t change. In order to change priority you need to create a new push notifications template and re-register the device.

Note: I’ve just tested on Android Oreo devices your use case, and using default priority - I was not able to reproduce the problem. Default sound does not override vibro and do not disturb modes.

If that was not your use-case - I’d need more detailed description of your scenario