Receiving data from websocket to the frontend or similar

Hey, just wondering if there is a way to stream co-ordinates eg {[{23,234},{424,534}]} or similar to the frontend via a websocket.

Open to any solutions not just the suggested.

basically we have a python script running on the same machine as the frontend codeless app.

I want to receive the co ordinates from the python script and display the locations on the frontend in a custom component.

Is there any codeless required or is it a code job on the backendless side.

If by “websocket” you mean Backendless Real-time messaging (because we use websockets), it can be possible with:

  • UI created with UI Builder
  • any of our SDK

Unfortunately we do not have a library for python. However, since you ultimately need to display it in UI, it should be doable with either UI Builder or your own UI that uses our JS SDK.


Excellent thanks Mark!

You don’t have any examples of how this would work do you?

When you say “this”, do you mean what exactly?

Good question.

Setting up a listener on my side, then perhaps some context on what I need to send to the listener…

Your other question on the forum is about setting up an rt listener in codeless. So you are on the right track.

Different use case actually. The other one is for recording my scores in the backend, this is for displaying some graphic representations of the locations on the the front end.

All the codeless blocks to work with RT messaging are available in the codeless toolbar. If you would like us to develop it for you, it would have to go through consulting services, unfortunately it is not in the scope of the support team charter.

OK, sure thing. I understand it’s a technical question.

Is there any documentation on the codeless side or youtubes I could sift through?

Sure, here’s the doc on messaging. Codeless is a visual wrapper on top this:

OK cool… Thanks Mark.

Hope your well!! Looking forward to showing you the game!

If you make it to Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide be sure to let me know and we can have a game together!

Sounds like a plan!