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Receiving Push Notification only from Dashboard


(Marcio) #21

Hi @vladimir-upirov updated and working now. I also wasn’t using “ios-badge”: badge:Number on the header. *This is not an option for iOS. Regards

(Marcio) #22

Hi, @vladimir-upirov I got this error on Android (only):

The error disappears when I comment the listeners on componentWillUnmount.

componentWillUnmount() {
// Backendless.Messaging.removePushNotificationListener(this.pushCallbackListener);
// Backendless.Messaging.removePushNotificationActionListener(this.pushCallbackListener);

*this.pushCallbackListener is just a console.log.
*I sent a notification through the dashboard and I got only in the top bar. Not shown on closed screen.
*I only updated the module and replaced the folder reactlibrary with the one recently committed on Git. There’s anything else that must be done? Regards

(Vladimir Upirov) #23

the issue with removing listeners has been fixed/released in version 0.1.2

*I sent a notification through the dashboard and I got only in the top bar. Not shown on closed screen.

I have to consult with our android developers, I assume the issue relates to channel importance
could you please describe your expectation, it may help us to find out the best/right way how to manage it

Regards, Vlad

(Marcio) #24

Hi, @vladimir-upirov I hope to achieve the same behavior of the iOS.

  1. Wake the screen (when locked) and
  2. Show the notification at the center (to be able to tap and open the app)

At the moment the device just vibrates and the notification does not show up, stay hidden at the top bar. I have to unlock the device, pulling down the top bar to check what notification I got.

I updated the module (clean all cache) and get the followed message:

(Vladimir Upirov) #25
  • the error is fixed

unfortunately there used default importance for notification channel
you can increase the priority on the Channel Options screen

you can read more about NotificationChannels here

(Marcio) #26

Hi, @vladimir-upirov I confirm the error on Android is fixed.

I do not use the push templates due to our App languages translations, I’m publishing via API and setting everything on the header. But since is working on both now I’ll move on and improve it in the future versions. Thanks for all support. Well done with the module! Regards

(Marcio) #27

Hi @vladimir-upirov could you give a look on this error, please?

*Android Lollipop.

(Vladimir Upirov) #28

Hi Marcio

Yes, sure, I’ll take a look at the issue, internal ticket for reference is BKNDLSS-18500
But could you please create a new separated support topic, because the issue is not related to current topic

Regards, Vlad

(Marcio) #29

Thanks, @vladimir-upirov, I had to move the minSdkVersion to 22 because of this error. Right now is working from 22 and above. Regards

(Vladimir Upirov) #31

Hi Marcio

Please do not post here questions which are not related to this question Receiving Push Notification only from Dashboard instead create a new support topic, it will help other users who are facing with the issues to find solutions faster

Regards, Vlad