Recently backendless works slowly

Recently (last week) backendless started to work slowly. Sometimes request loads fast, but sometimes it takes up to a minute.
I suppose that it could happen, because amount of data increased, but I can’t be sure. Can you tell why backendless requests can work slower than before? And what are possible solutions?
This problem appears on Android, iOS and PHP (all the platforms we use).

There are many factors that may impact the performance of the service. Some applications may generate higher than usual load and the system readjusts itself. Some servers in the cluster may go down and the system reassigns the traffic to the remaining servers while new ones are started.

If your application requires consistent response time and guaranteed uptime, you need to consider the Managed Backendless service. With Managed Backendless we stage a dedicated cluster just for your app. The cluster is isolated from all other traffic, the worker processes execute jobs specifically for your app. Additional benefits of Managed Backendless include:

  • direct technical support
  • scheduled backups
  • 24x7 monitoring