Recommendation for local storage

hello team,
I have been using Backendless for many years, and normally I handle local storage with CoreData, and take care myself of remote synch with Backendless.

I need the app to work always also offline, hence the need for local storage (both on iOS or Android).

I was wondering if there is a better way to do this these days, either via Backendless directly or with something else.

I appreciate your input, and wish you happy holidays in the meantime


Hi. I cannot propose any magic pill.
In general such a necessity related to storing some set of data (objects) in order to provide offline work. And only the developer of the app can say what they are.
We were working on the offline mode but suspend the development in favor of other features.

For android i could advise using some embedded db (sqlite) and serealization/deserialization approach. You can store serialized objects intended for offline work in the database with some meta info, like id or other sensitive info for better distinguishing the objects.

got it, thank you Oleg, I was wondering if Backendless had implemented this offline mode, but in this case I will proceed as usual