Record Audio

is there a possibility to record audio?

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

It is not possible yet, but you will be able to get it using Custom Components

Regards, Vlad

can we do this with the custom code? if not. what is the limitations on it?

The Custom Code allows you to use JS code inside logic, so I assume it can be possible to record audio

is there a documentation or examples for using the custom code?
like how can i get element on the page by its id or class?
or how to set the element property like content

It seems like we are talking about different features

Custom Code - is a codeless block that allows you to integrate your custom code, this is already on the production, but it is not documented yet

Custom Component - is a new type of UI components created by you and uploaded to the UI Builder environment and it will be possible to add the component on the UI screen. This is one we are working on at this moment.

so custom code cant interact with page elements?

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

With “Custome JS Code” block you have access to object “document”.
You can use document.getElementById() to work with page elements.


thanks i was able to create and play audio file with custom code.
for anyone who need this

init block

var sound = document.createElement('audio'); = 'audio-player';

play block

var audio_sound = document.getElementById("audio-player");
audio_sound.src=sound; // this is an input to the block;

stop playing block

var audio_sound = document.getElementById("audio-player");

Thanks @mohammad_altoiher for sharing your experience with the community :+1: