Recorded stream - access outside of native app?

I’m working this weekend on specific technical objectives needed to prove Backendless could be an integral part of product to be developed. The high level goals are pretty basic:

  • Live stream and/or recording video (reviewed and working well)
  • Playback of stream and transfer of video to external parties for production processing.

The first part was incredibly easy to prove out with examples. However, the video I have recorded in my account is not obviously available for any download/transfer or sharing (controlled or not controlled).

I’m not looking to broadcast my weekend adventures on Facebook. But I would like to illustrate playback of the live/recorded video on a desktop (preferably web) interface. The only path I’m immediately seeing is to configure a second phone with an app to connect the the first phone’s broadcast.

Pointers advice?

Hi Steven,

Any media (video or audio) recorded through Backendless Media Service is also available through our File Service. You should be able to see the files in Backendless console if you click the Files icon. Click the “media” folder and you should see all your files. In the “Actions” column there is an icon that look line a chained link. Clicking the icon will copy public URL of the file into the clipboard.

If you need to get the URL of the file programmatically, please see this doc:

As for the playback of the video, is your plan to do it on iOS or Android?


For the project, the video will need to be available to IOS, Android, Desktop and broadcast video production. I missed the stored videos in the file - thanks for the tip.

With the file available - I will be looking at conversion of the video format for distribution.

I should be able to make my way through the rest of the proof of technology task.