Recover app ID: 6AECA86B-E438-2AF1-FFB4-15EDD3AF5500

Hello team,
I did not use my application; the App ID number is: Sistema_Gas_Central (ID: 6AECA86B-E438-2AF1-FFB4-15EDD3AF5500). And now it is deleted. I noted a person could recover his app by paying a fee.
I would like to restore my app ASAP; please let me know How I can proceed to pay the fee!
Many thanks for considering my request.

hello @SistemaGasCentral01

I need to check if we have a backup of the application

Is your application was created in EU or US zone?

US zone

Hi, @SistemaGasCentral01

Your app has been restored. Please add a credit card to your account and select it as your app payment profile so that we can charge for restoring the app. Let us know when you are ready. Thank you in advance.


Hi Marina
Thank you so much! I will let you know
Kind Regards