Referance HTML File and Display a Part of It

Hi, I am new to the Backendless platform and have a question…

Is it possible to get a text box to display a section or ‘chunk’ of a html file - Not just the whole thing?
And if so how do I do it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

Hi, @D_H

Welcome at Backendless! Let me ask you a question to better understand what you are talking about. Would you like to display a section or ‘chunk’ of a html file in your app, that your are developing? Or you are talking about Files section? Please specify where you would like to see it, so we can help you.


Hi, thanks for the response.

I would like to have the content that is displayed in text box written in a html/text file that is stored in the files section
Then have the text box display a part of the html/text file … Then make a ‘next’ button that when pressed changes the text box to the next pre-defined ‘chunk’ of the html/text file so that the one page can display multiple ‘pages’ of information but have all that information stored in one html/text file

Im guessing this might be to complex for the logic system in this platform and may have to be done with code?


Hello @D_H

Are you building an app using our UI-Builder?


currenty, there is no such component to render HTML, however, we are planning to add this one in the nearest future

Thats fine, thank you for the answer. Saved me alot of head scratching.
Im going to see if I can put the text i wish to render in data tables.
This may be more messy but at least i will get the job done

Thanks again