Reg exp disappears in Users table


I have a reg expression in the password Validator in the System Data Users table:


Every now and then this RegExp disappears which we do not want, can you check why this validator disappears?

Hello @Michel_Loriaux,

the validator shouldn’t disappear by itself and we are very sorry you are facing this issue. Unfortunately, we don’t have have enough information to reproduce this issue or to find out the reason why this happens. Could you please clarify what actions are done before RegExp disappears? E.g. maybe some import reverts validators to the original states (just as example). Any additional information will be appreciated.


Hi @olhadanylova,
The last time the reg exp has disappeared was 27-11-2021, today again, so there is a lot of time between the two events.

I do have a backup running every 12 hours on all the tables in the app. Other than that i have no idea what might cause it.

Hi @Michel_Loriaux,

could you please provide us with your app id?

Hi @stanislaw.grin,

This is the Aplication ID: 30960D18-DC9C-C94C-FFD9-AECB1619B200

Hello @Michel_Loriaux

Before the regexp disappeared, you were importing the Users table at 11/21/2021, 12:08:16 PM, what did the Users.csv file look like?

Before you wrote, you were also importing the Users table at 12/11/2021, 10:24:15 PM, what did the Users.csv file look like?

Most likely, during the import, you erased the RegExp for the password field in the Users table.


Thanks @Vladimir_Yalovy,

I will check the Reg Exp after uploading users.