'Register a User Account with API'

Task: Register a user account with API


Attached is my screenshot for this mission. Pretty sure it’s something simple again. Will be great if there’s any guidance. I’ve read ‘User Registration’ on REST API doc, I can’t find the steps.

In addition, for Geo explorer, I have managed to completed all the missions, but only the 1st and 4th missions are marked complete. My application ID is: 940546F9-1B32-ECD6-FF64-E1593974AC00.

Your guidance is appreciated! Thank you

Screenshot 2021-03-30 at 9.53.40 AM|690x426

Please, describe your problem here.


Unfortunately, cropped-out screenshots tend to miss a lot of important details and the one you attached is one of them. I can make an assumption you’re using our REST Console. The REST Console interface is designed to execute CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete) queries in the Backendless database. The user registration process, while it does write to the database, is more involved. As a result, it uses a different API route than those implemented in REST Console.

Is your preference to execute this task without any code?

Btw, for the issue with the Geo explorer tasks, could you please open a separate topic?


Thank you for your prompt reply Mark, you seem to be here 24/7.

Yes, i’m using Backendless’ REST console. if i have a choice, executing this without code will be preferred. But I’m also ok if there are documentation of doing this step with code.

What I did was create the james account manually over at Data Browser tab. And then replaced the code given in the instructions with my APP ID and Rest API key, and pressed ‘Get’. I got a feeling there’s more to it.

Noted on the Geo coder topic.


What is your comfort level with our UI Builder?

Same question about using something like Postman.

I actually haven’t used Backendless’ Ui builder. was planning to build the UI at Appgyver.

I’ve heard of Postman, but haven’t used it.
Are you recommending that it’ll make things smoother?

If you planned on using appgyver, this will provide detailed instructions:

Thanks for this Mark! That helped.

By any chance, you know why the inputs can be seen (2nd row) when I inserted the inputs at Appgyver’s RUN TEST in Data config, but when I input the same content on Appgyver’s input fields, Backendless created a new row without the content (1st row)?

This screenshot is from Backendless’ data browser.

I do not know the answer. It seems odd that the Password column shows data. Backendless will never show passwords when you register properly. The column name in the Users table is “password”, not “Password”. Something is off here.

ok then there must be smth wrong there. Will dig into it. Thanks Mark.

The ss was taken in the app tables, perhaps that’s why password isn’t censored like what we see in the users section.

I realised this mission is simply inserting manually the email and username on the Backendless API in the Users section and need no action on the Appgyver’s API.

Will continue to work and improve. Thanks Mark, your dedication to your business is an inspiration.