Register Device Token Issues

My two test devices can both send and receive notifications using all the code on the backendless website for ios notifications setup.

However, it can only register for notifications the first time the app is opened, the next time it throws an error (see below). I am also using FBSDK to handle facebook login, but it seems to work fine (i have checked it) the for the first login and all times after that if “registerForNotifications” is NOT called.

Server reported an error: FAULT = '-1001' [NSURLErrorDomain] <The request timed out.> 

FBSDKLog: WARNING: FBSDK secure network request failed. Please verify you have configured your app for Application Transport Security compatibility described at

Hi James,

As I see, the issue is with FBSDK. Is there any problems with backendless implementation of fb login?



Hi Denys,

The error only occurs if the device has already been registered for notifications. If I delete the app and then re-install it, it works fine (pop up box appears asking to receive notifications). Otherwise, it breaks on the line: backendless.messaging.registerDeviceToken(deviceToken).

It therefore doesn’t appear that FBSDK is the issue.

Could you please provide small code example how to reproduce it?

This problem is fixed, please update latest Backendless SDK (3.0.29 release) via pod or from ios-SDK github (CommLibiOS and backendless)