Register User method doesn't return any value


the method Register User doesn’t return a value. Also no error code. It aborts the entire flow. The subsequent Show alert message doesn’t get executed.

Any suggestions?

Thank you and best regards,


Hello @Joerg

try to rename the “return” variable to “result”

Regards, Vlad

Thanks @vladimir-upirov ,

I changed the name of the variable (and got rid of the Return variable). Unfortunately, the identical behavior:

This show the message with the correct email:

This does nothing. The message is not displayed nor is the user created.

It seems so simple. What could be off?

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Could you please provide your appId and I take a look into it

The app ID is xxx

and could you please point me where the handler is located (containerName, pageName, component, …)

Page: Application

Button: ButtonAccept - the green button

Click on event

? Is the app still protected with the app ID exposed?

yes, sure, however if you wish you can remove the answer with your appId

found the reason

if you open the browser’s dev console and try to click at the green button you see an error from the server:

it’s because you have changed user identity in the Users table from “email” to “userID”, so you need to change the “Register User” to add the “userID” property as well

Wow @vladimir-upirov

thanks a million. Added the userID field and it works like a charm. And I have learned a new tool for debugging :slight_smile: Thanks