Register User, Multiple Select Saves Null

I installed the “multiple select” component from the marketplace. I want users to be able to select multiple items from dropdown list and save them in one column. I set up the column to accept multiple selections, did all the data binding, and created the logic for the multiple select component the same as regular select.
Issue is that when I register user, all other info saves except for the multiple select values. it comes up as “null” in the database table.
There is no “on change event” block like there is for the original “select” component. Instead, there is a “select value” block.
I used that block because It pops up where the “on change event” block would pop up.
What could be the reason for that value saving as “null” in the data table?

Hi, @Austin

The MultipleChoise column is just a String column under the hood so you can modify/work as with a regular string.
The Multiple Select component returns the selected values as an array of objects, so before save it to the MultipleChoise column, you need to convert it to a string.

To do this you can use the following codeless logic:


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I was able to successfully save 3 choices into one column. Thank you!
Retrieving one of those values, would I reverse the process? I tried to convert the string back into an array but it didnt give me the result I wanted.
I want to do the following:
If i search using a dropdown select using one of the 3 items that were saved, that particular item should come up as a search result.
Currently, when i search, only those results with one item are returned in the search.
What logic would be best to get the desired result?

Can you please clarify where you are looking with a dropdown select? Is it a Multiple Select component or a Multiple Choice column in the database?

It would be nice if you provided a screenshot of the logic where you encountered the problem.

I want the repeater to show users that registered as “Drums”

For example, it shows the top 2 users but not the one that registered with 3 different instruments:

It should show all off them. And if the user selects “Bass” it should return “Bass” for that user at the bottom as well.

This is the logic in the “search” button:

Thanks for the information provided. If I understand correctly, the problem is in the where clause. You only load users whose instrument equal selected, but should load those whose instrument includes selected.

Please try the following logic and let us know if it doesn’t help.


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