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Rejected Twitter links for bonuses :(

HI there,

I happened to notice most of the links I submitted to you for bonus have been rejected. I’ve checked them and I can’t see why, can you confirm what I’m doing wrong please?



Please, describe your problem here.

Hi @Graham_Reddie

If your submissions have been rejected you should have received the letters with the reason why it was declined. Please check your mail.
Also your twitter profile has only 2 followers but the rules are:

Your account should have at least 5 followers.

Best Regards,

Oh I see, since Mark had retweeted earlier posts I thought it was okay on my Twitter and I wasn’t aware there were rules! :frowning:

Is there a way I can repost those again on a different social media platform? How many followers must you have fo Facebook? Are these rules just interenal or published btw.

These rules are public:

The rule “at least 5 followers” applies to any social platform. So you can publish it on Facebook if you have 5 Facebook followers. :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to your reposts :wink:

Best Regards,

fair enough :wink:

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