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Related with where clause

I have a parent table A with related relation to B.
I want to find A class and retrieve only related from B by some contition like = ‘only this relation’.

Unfortunately Retrieve will tetrieve all childs from B.

How to add WHERE clause for setRelated?

Hi, @Martin_Krajcir1

You need to select Relation column to table B. Then select Aggregation functions section Having field, and write there your where clause RelatedColumnName.ColumnNameInTableB=‘Conditions’
In my case it looks like this:
I was trying to find from the TableB all objects which have “Test” in the column name.


Hello @Marina.Rudenko sounds like good idea unfortunatelly it does not work.

I have multiple itemas related in table B. When I use having field'condition' it returns empty result. If I check Where clause only in B table is whows correct result.

Any idea?

There is a variant to write in where clause


When I have added Relation section I get in Response data from the table B -

It works for me. I was searching for objects which have 100 in column called “age”, which I have in the table B. Does it help you?


I have 2 problems:

  1. The column name in B has the same name as column in A
  2. When I have OneToMany relation to B then the having clause does not have any effect to receive only needed items, it reveive all relation items.
  1. The first point is not a problem,the system will find a relation even if the related column in table A has the same name as the column from the table B.
  2. Please, correct me if I`m wrong. Do you want to retrieve objects from the table A which have some conditions from the table B, but without information which are stored in the table B?

Then, just write the where clause (in table A) RelationColumnInTableA.ColumnTableB=condition

If the variant offered with where clause not help or I miss understand you, I will continue searching the issue.


Hi Martin, could you please let us know the following:

  1. Application ID
  2. Name of the tables for A and B
  3. The condition by which you want to retrieve the objects.


Hello @mark-piller finally I found the solution:

  1. run select to find an item from tableA basend on where clause'condition'
  2. then next select from tableB only one relation on the same where clause'condition'.
  3. create manual relation in code between tableA class and tableB class.