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Relation data shortcuts

Hi Devs
I would like to be able to add a column to a table and set that column value to be another value from a related table.
for example
if i have these tables:
-authors {objectId, auth_name}
-books {objectId, book_name, author(DOR)}

i can add a column in the table “books” with this value “authors.auth_name”.

the main reason for this is so we can use such values in the RT database mainly.

currently i have to do this manually and this could cause issues do to a human error if i forgot to update the value for example.

Hi Mohammad,

I believe the best way to do this at the present moment is to add an event handler for the beforeCreate event. The event handler would be able to retrieve the related record and inject the value.


i thought of that But all cloud plans are limited in the number of events.
and event handlers have to deal with other stuff like RT client connect and disconnect for example.

it will be great if you guys add the option to buy more in the market place

That option is available in the marketplace. It is called “Unlimited Business Logic scripts”

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