Relation in tables

I have a table for data, I want to set a relation between this data table and Users.
I created one column in the data table for DataRelation and connected to the Users table.but when I import data in the data table, There is no value in the DataRelation field, not in the data table and not in the Users table

The path of my tables:
InFlash project -> Cards table and Users table

Hello @saeed_noshadi

How do you import these data tables?
Could you please provide us steps to reproduce your problem and also attach files for import

Regards, Vlad

i posted data to backendless by below code:

  fun dataMap(map: HashMap<Any, Any>) {
    val postAddCardData =
        Backendless.Persistence.of("Cards").save(map, object : AsyncCallback<Map<*, *>> {
            override fun handleFault(fault: BackendlessFault?) {


            override fun handleResponse(response: Map<*, *>?) {


    return postAddCardData

should i handle relations manually?i want to set relations when i insert data to tables

yeah, you have to setup relations manually if you add records in the Console

so I want to set a relation when each item inserts to the table.
for my scenario, the Cards table has a list of cards that the user insert. Each of the cards should have a relation with the Users table. This means every card inserts by a user and that card has a relationship with one of the users.
It is not logical for any user to enter the database by adding a card and dump that card into their credentials

Sorry for confusing you,
I just thought you are trying to insert data using Console.

You have a few options how to setup relations between data objects:

  1. manually, using Backendless Console
  2. using api Set/Add relations
  3. using custom business logic, afterCreate EventHandler, here is doc for JS

Regards, Vlad

also, if you do requests as logged in user you can use userId from invocation context,
take a look at this

i use backendless in android project

here you go

also you can write your custom business logic on Java