Relations broken with BackendlessSwift

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  1. I make a find request using a DataQueryBuilder and use either setRelated() or setRelationsDepth()
  2. An object or an array of objects is returned and the relations are also populated
  3. I can access the relations and map them to a Swift array of that object type.

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  1. A request is made and data is returned
  2. The data has relations, but the relations do not convert properly to locally defined classes
  3. You can see in the screenshot below that the data is returned, but can’t be mapped to an array of the data’s type

Reproducible Test Case

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Bitbucket Link:

  1. run pod install
  2. start the app
  3. place a breakpoint on line 40 of CompaniesViewController
  4. type in “Micro” in the search bar
  5. see that the returned data “companyData[0]” has data for the relation “sheets”
  6. in the xcode console type: po companiesData[0].sheets
  7. see that this prints out an empty array and isn’t properly mapping the data to the swift class STSheet

Hello Steven,

We can reproduce this issue. The internal ticket BKNDLSS-19679 created. We’ll fixed it and reply here as soon as possible.


Hello Steven,

Issue has been fixed.
Please update to v5.5.4 and verify whether it works now.