Relationship Depth + Paging

Dear Backendless,

I am trying to retrive some data from the relation paging api function - however i need it to a depth of 2. What is the best way to go about this as now autoload has been disabled?

Please assist me with this

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Hi, @Anuj_Nayyar

We have relations depth in the Relations section. You can find it here

If you need to change Paging size you can do that in the Paging section.

Dear Marina, thank you for your quick reply,

Unfortunately when I do this - I get a __originSubID returned - not the data as expected.

Each user - has a relation field (1:N) - to chats - and each of these has a (1:N) relation field to the users in that chat.

What would be the most efficient way of retrieving the users chats and the users in that chat?

Thanks again


Make sure that you add all related tables in the Relations field. Did you do that? If you need to retrieve the data for example, in the table A from related tables B and C. You need to select table B and C in the Relations.


Thank you very much for your reply Marina,

I was able to find a workaround - using a where clause.

Also is there a way to stop certain data items from being returned (for security reasons) - e.g. a users phone number - which I am using as an identifier.

You can prohibit reading/writing/updating/deleting some data using our Security system. You can read more about that here -


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Awesome thank you

I imagine you could also prevent certain data from being returned by using an “after” event handler to remove whatever you don’t want returned to the client?

Yes you are right.