Remove 100 record limit

now that you have improved the database performance wit 4.0 you should drop the 100 record limit.

I appreciate the thought, Barry, but that would be wrong for several reasons:

    There are a lot of apps with millions of objects in their data tables. These apps rely on the paging implementation. It helps with keeping the payloads smaller and the overall user experience much snappier. If we were to drop the limit, those apps would crash because a mobile app cannot consume that much data. We have customers who licensed Backendless Pro and Managed Backendless in order to remove/change that limit. If we drop the paging limit in the Cloud, we would be devaluing the investment those customers have made, and it would be unfair to them. A mobile app has a limited real-estate on the screen and a limited memory footprint. Returning more data than the user can comprehend/see/manage at once would be excessive and to add to the first point, would detriment overall user experience.
Regards, Mark