Remove all relations without ID or remove column on scheme

Hello everyone)
I read all the documentation, but unfortunately I didn’t find a way for me. I will be very grateful for an answer whether it is possible to do this or not.
The case is like this:
There is a storage in the database (the Users system table)
in this storage, objects from another table (my Places table) are stored for each user
When a user gets to a place, a connection is created between him and the place. One user can have many such places.
Once a day, you need to clean all the connections of all users.
Is it possible to do this somehow via Java CloudCode?
I don’t care how to clean it. Is it possible to do, for example, delete a column and add it to the entire table through a timer? Mapping all IDs can lead to errors.

It is possible to do it in cloud code. You would need to do the following way:

  1. Retrieve all users that have a relation in that column
  2. Iterate over the users collection from (1) and use the following call to remove relation: Delete Relation using condition - Backendless REST API Documentation
    The where clause in the second step cod look like this:

relationColumnName.objectId is not null


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Thank you! You have an amazing product!