Remove POI from google maps

i want to remove all the POI in the map. its making a mess with my markers. they are also clickable and showing an info window too. and that is confusing to the user.
so if we can apply the result of this to the map then it will look much better and with less clutter

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

Unfortunately, at the moment we have no solution to this problem. We have plans to add more features to the map. We will discuss with the team about adding this functionality.
I created an internal ticket to discuss these features BKNDLSS-26313


until you guys add it.
can you point me to the js file that i need to modify to achieve this?
i have worked with google maps js before

We use own sdk with components.
Unfortunately, I guess this won’t help you becouse its “build” but:

For published - {published folder}/library/sdk
Dev - ui-builder/library/sdk/sdk.js

also with new update Dev sdk will be overwriting