Rename column header data table


Is it possible to rename a column with codeless column logic in a data table ?

Hello @Michel_Loriaux

If you mean to rename a column for display, then this can be done through the column CONFIGURE:

If you want to rename a column in the source table (in the Data section), then this cannot be done.


Is it possible to use Columns logic to dynamically rename the column header ?

Hello @Michel_Loriaux , it’s real but not in an easy way.

test of Page Data - is a dynamic property, value comes from the input.

Also, you can try it - here

Thanks @Dima_Vak

How would i do a rename of one column header with the name ‘column’ ?

Find needed column using condition, and set the title for it as in the picture. In my example, I don’t use any conditions, so titles for all columns will be changed in the loop.

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Thanks @Dima_Vak !