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Rename file in event after upload error

this is my block in the event after file upload
from the documentation it should work. but im getting the error
Error: User has no permissions for specified resource

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

Most likely you have set some permission on directory.

Files Browser - arraaaa - Backendless 2021-05-27 16-23-24

Also, could you tell me what kind of block you are using (after file upload)?
I know “on Upload Success” event in ui-builder but i see your block has input unlike “on Upload Success”


its afterUpload event not using the UI
the user is the one who is uploading the file. no issue there
so he definitely have permission for the folder

just so you can see. here is the permissions for the folder

Got it working with this.

i got to say the documentation is really not helpful in most of codeless blocks