Renew subscription

Hi Mark hope you are doing well.
currently i am facing the subscription issue i have enough credit in my account .
message by Backednless
*Your subscription status is ‘canceled’. Reason/Message: Canceled after failed automatic dunning process expired."
Application ID= 97B790A0-89D2-0CB9-FFD0-8641B4867D00
kindly help me out ASAP.


Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.
I will find out what the issue might be and get back to you right away.


I found out what the issue was, unfortunately, the subscription could not be renewed due to the lack of the necessary amount on the credit card.


So i can’t use free plan anymore ?


You can continue to use your free plan.

Currently along with free plan your app uses functional pack for additional storage which costs $10 per month.

If you want to keep that function pack you should update your credit card or make sure that there is enough money at the current card (you need $10 to renew subscription). Alternatively you can remove function pack from your app and we will restore your subscription without any charges since app on “Free” plan.

Regards, Andriy

Bundle of thanks.


Note, subscription can be renewed only manually. So, please, notify us when your app is ready for renewal.
Also keep in mind that app will be removed due to inactivity if subscription stays in “cancelled” state more than for 3 weeks. You will receive emails with warning before removal.

Regards, Andriy

is updated

Hello, The Credit Card is updated, how long it take to process the payment againg?

Hi Juan,

Your subscription has been reactivated.