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Repacing a file with the same name (Files service)

(Nick Thomson) #1

I want to have an ability to reupload files.

For example Firebase Storage suggests me to replace a file if there is another file with same name already exists:

But Backendless Files service can not do it:

I have to delete the existing file manually and only after that I can upload a new one with same name.
In that moment some users can try to downloading a file, so it’s not a good way

(Vladimir Yalovy) #2

Hi @Nick_Thomson

You have this opportunity using REST API, passing parameter overwrite=true.
See documentation - -

We will consider adding this feature to the console. When adding this task to our roadmap, we will inform you here.

(Anton Govorushkin) #3

Overwriting feature is present in Android, JS and iOS SDKs as well.