Request: Grant/Deny object ACL permissions for multiple users


We’re currently implementing a kind of sharing system in our app and we’re looking into using the permissions API to allow users to grant or deny access to their data.

According to the docs, you can update permissions on single users at a time or all users. For our app, it will likely be common to have to update many permissions often, so updating permissions on a user-by-user basis will be a slow process.

Would it be possible to implement a way to provide an array of users, similar to how it can be done with SQL?

Thank you!

Hi @Nathan_Cousins ,

Sorry for long delay with response. I have discussed your problem with the team. We will add route which will allow to update multiple ACL permissions for the multiple users per one request. Internal ticket for reference is BKNDLSS-28892. We will notify you in this topic when this feature will be available.
As a temporal solution you can use existing route.

Regards, Andriy

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That’s great, @Andriy_Konoz! Thank you for the response, our team is looking forward to it!