Request items created between two dates

I am trying to build a query for request all database items that are created between two dates but I failed. In Backendless REST console in field where i typed: created>=‘1471808743000’ AND created<=‘1472064707000’
But I get all items. There are items created 1472240632000 and they are showing too. How could I make a request in order to get all items created between two dates.

use timestamp without quotes

created>=1471808743000 AND created<=1472064707000

I found why I am getting more dates than I expect. Database locale is different than that which is used to store dates in database… I Suppose that the Backendless locale is GMT+00:00 mine is GMT+3:00 and comparing dates are three hours less than those that I expect and that`s why I am getting extra items.
Thanks for the answer.