res folder directory missing in downloaded project

Hi I have downloaded a project zip file from the dashboard, then opened it with Android Studio 2.3.1 but found out that the “res” folder directory was missing in the downloaded project zip file.
When I right clicked on the module name > then “New” > then “Android Resource Directory”, then I saw a new window asking me for more info.
I guess the Directory Name= res, Resource type= menu, Source set= main, Available qualifiers= none chosen.
Please see the snapshots below.
Is that correct? Why didn’t you include such in your files for downloading?



Just to confirm, are you talking about Backendless project template for Android?



The goal we pursued with the project template is to provide developers with the minimal template which demonstrates how to reference the Backendless library and show a minimal working sample of the API in action. Since the project does not have any Android resources, including additional directories creates extra weight that goes beyond the point of the template (especially since a developer can create those resources using Android Studio).

Hope this helps.