Researching how to use Logic Builder to Create Unique Pages and Meta Tags for SEO

Hi I’ve got a few questions…


I’d like to verify if we can create custom pages or page sections for our clients based on the following logic blocks and or UI block properties

(New Pages & Custom URL’s)

File API - Create File or Copy File/Directory

Network API - URL Builder

(New Page Section)

Create Block Anchor Properties (Object - Set Property in)


Can we use the URL Builder to create a URL parameter string that will generate different search results that get returned in our UI?


Is there a way to use Logic Builder to create custom SEO html tags for these new pages?


Are you using Codeless to create your own custom URL’s for each new support thread and responses?

Thanks!! Any future video on this topic would be great also.

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Hello @William_Lee

Q 1, Q 3 - Unfortunately you can’t add tags to page with codeless

BQ - As far as I know, we don’t use codeless for it.

Q2 - I don’t quite understand what you mean. In URL Builder params are string. You can generate string.

Regard, Viktor

Hi Victor,

I’m trying to determine how to use Logic Builder to create New Pages with customized URI’s for New Clients. The goal is to help build up relevant SEO scores for each of their profile pages.

So far I’ve come up with the following possible steps.

  1. Create Client template page
  2. Create copy-paste rules for new paid Clients to get their own custom page from the template
  3. Create custom URI for this new Client page
  4. Customize new Client page based on their profile choices and data
  5. If possible add HTML meta tags

I was just wanting confirmation that this process would should with Logic builder. Thanks!

Hello @William_Lee

With the UI-Builder you build a web Single Page App (SPA) (React App), so it won’t be a static HTML site that can be indexed by Google bot or someone else.

On top of that, there always will be an index.html as the entry app point and according to the query parameter page it will render the specific page. For instance using this URL .../index.html?page=landing it opens the landing page.

However, you can pass additional query parameters, for example, clientId=12345 and use this information on the page to retrieve/display data for a particular client.

Regards, Vlad

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