REST API - Application ID is rejected


I just created my account. I attempted to read data via the REST API and received the following error message:

Error: JSON error response from server: {“code”:9000,“message”:“Application with ID xxxxxxxx does not exist”,“errorData”:{}}.status: 400

Resource settings for Get collection (GET)

Resource URL:

The real API Key is replaced by the xxxx. I have a data table called contact. Of course I copied the Application ID from the Backend page.

What could be off? Do I need to open the REST API somewhere before using it?

Thank you and best regards

Hello @Joerg_Refeld,

Did you create your app in the EU zone?

if so, please use endpoint


Thanks, Stanislaw, that was it :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome!


is the upload URL for the EU projects also different? Currently I have

Thank you and best regards


It is