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Rest API endpoints


By way of introduction, my name is Volodymyr and I am a developer at Peoly and contacting you on behalf of our partner, Integromat.

Integromat is a powerful workflow integration platform that allows users to combine their applications into complex integrations.

We would like to embed your application API into the Integromat platform, which will allow your users to integrate Backendless with any other online service without any coding.
I ran into one problem. This problem is connected with the fact that I see the implemented module “Find or Create User” on Zapeir, but I did not find information about such an endpoint in the documentation. Could you help me! Thank you very much!

Hello @Volodymyr_Lytvyniuk,

Here is the Backendless documentation of how to create a new user and how to find an existing user (you can use the different types of find methods with the Users table name).
If you’re looking for other information, please clarify.