Rest API fails to save data

Hello guys

I’m going through the missions and in the save data to db part, I used Thunkable blocks to save data to the Person database. Backendless recognizes that there are api calls, but the data is not saved.

The blocks I use is from this Backendless blog:

Is there any reason why this fails? Thanks!

Hi Junwei,

What does the full URL look like?

Btw, is the age column’s type INTEGER ?


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply!

The full URL looks like this, I changed a few letters in the App ID and the Rest Key.

In Thunkable I can’t decide the data type of inputs, I have limited the keyboard type to only numbers. When I run it I also only put number in it. I just tried to change the age data type to string in Backendless and it works! So the problem is the type in Thunkable’s data type. I wonder why the in the tutorial it worked…

I am glad you got it working!