REST API Pagination / 100 record max

First up, I have no development/coding experience so bear with me….I am building an app prototype in Appgyver and so far, Backendless too.
Is there a simple way I can overcome the pagination (100 records) for REST API calls to Backendless? My GET COLLECTION call brings in the table as a ‘Data Variable’ in Appgyver. The advice I got when I encountered the same issue with Airtable was to use a http call and use some neat functions with OFFSET to bring in the whole table. Ultimately I ended up using Firestore API where the pagination issue was easy overcome by setting a Query Parameter as pageSize = 300. I see this on the forum, “there is no way to fetch more than 100 object in 1 api call. If you want to get more than 100, you should use pagination.” But I am not sure what is means exactly. I also see that Backendless Pro has no such limitation but as a very new user just learning Backendless Cloud, it seems too early to go all in on Pro…probably the long term solution though.
Thing is, since successfully using Firestore, I have looked at Backendless for authorization and potentially a few other things, and I would prefer to use one backend for everything…as soon as I encountered this pagination issue again with Backendless, my heart sank as I ‘wasted’ a bit of time with Airtable trying to get the table imported.
The table of ~260 rows, 5 or 6 columns it will probably grow to…any information, hints would be appreciated. I am putting off looking at the http logic that people have outlined to get this working using Airtable and tailoring it to Backendless….just in case there is a simpler way to get this import working using an API….

Hello @Paul_McCullen

Backendless server sets the maximum allowed value for the page size to 100 objects for one API call.
To get all the data you should to use multiple api request with “offset” param. Here is documentation for this.

It should look like:

first 100 objects[`/data/Person?pageSize=100`](/data/Person?pageSize=100)

next 100 object[`/data/Person?pageSize=100&offset=100`](/data/Person?pageSize=100&offset=100)


Please let us know if this helps you

Regard, Viktor

Hi All
Just adding this doc which show how to use a service to increase the number of records that can be pulled with one API. Note in the second screenshot, the ‘REST Operation’ field is left blank…which I replicated and created a POST service by default…but I wanted a GET. So populate that field…the only change is at the very end where you input the tableName and whereClause…that screen looks slightly different if you use GET.


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