Rest api user/login "code":8002,"message":"Could not parse request with message

Expected Behavior

I’m working on logging the user using the standard method as described in the doc and invoking /api/users/login.
Expecting to get confirmation that user/password passed and users is enabled to login to the application.

Actual Behavior

  1. Suspicious is that in backendless POST seems to be disabled… “REquest body is invalid”

  2. If I however click on “generate API docs”. The /users/login is on the list.

  3. while method invocation via curl I get result as below

Reproducible Test Case

On example of appgyver datasource configuration

  1. REST API Datasource configuration for POST is as below

  2. As a result of POST I’m getting the following error:

I’ll appreciate any help as it seems to be very straight forward and its a shame I was jammed in such a obvious point :confused:


Hello @To_Ko

if you use application id and api key, then you should not use api in the URL, so your URL should be:<app-id>/<api-key>/users/login

Thank you sergey.
Good point.
So I corrected it but the result is still not as expected :frowning:

Could you change Users to users in URL?

O M G!!
Dima - you just made my day! - it works :slight_smile:

I can continue my journey now! :slight_smile:

best for everyone!