REST call from backend timer - works fine in 'debug' but not in 'production' mode ??

Hi -
I make a REST call to do bulk update - in one of my backend server timer code.
This works fine when I run it through codeRunner.bat (i.e. run it in debug mode) - however it fails (kind of get stuck/hang) when run in production mode (i.e. Deploy.bat).
I do not catch any exception etc also.

Is there any restrictions in production mode - which is not letting it run ?

Attached is the function code, where it always fails.

In production, it always gets stuck after this debug statement in attached fx. code - “Txn update where clause: <xyz>”.

issue_function_code.txt (2.66kB)

Try to measure the total execution time of your code. If it exceeds 5 sec (free tier limit), it will get interrupted before the completion.

Hi Mark -

I thought so too first, and thus bought > 5 sec pack from marketplace. But its still same behavior.

Also, the time difference between ‘timer fx. enter’ and when it gets stuck is only 3 secs.


What is your APP ID?