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Rest console for user

i noticed that the rest console request URL is disabled for editing and it doesnt comes with any way of adding path at the end of the URL for example /data/Users/count. since it is locked to /data/Users, is there any way to call for other users API services like count using the rest console?

Hi @Alan_Tan!

REST console destined for manipulation with data in tables. For changing request behavior use form provided under route URL. By filling those fields you can change behaviour of request. For example , for making count for table you must choose COUNT in “Aggregation functions” and select one of the properties in “Property” by which count will be performed. After this actions URL will be updated to reflect changes.

Regards, Andriy

Hi Andriy,
Thanks for the reply.
Main purpose of asking is to find out how flexible the rest console is.
The example i gave is just to show that api call can be more than just /data/users. However as pointed out, the url is locked for each table. So does this means that i cannot build an addon api for /data/users for example /data/users/restartEnrolmentProcess ? Or is this just a limitation to rest console in backendless to not allow developer to change the url in rest console due to other reason?
End of day, i want to be able to call existing api directly instead of keying in values in the rest console to do some kind of computation.

Described scenario is not possible with Data API. Consider Data API as wrapper over database.
Routes /data/{Table Name} destined only for data manipulation.
Custom logic can be added using “Business Logic” section of Backendless. More inforamtion about BL can be found by this link
But URLs for your custom services will be different from those that are used in Data API.

Regards, Andriy

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Hi Andriy,
Thanks for your reply.